Northstar Community Services LLC provides unique, compassionate, individualized services to adults and families by creating a generous energetic culture. We treat everyone with dignity and respect

Our vision is to be trusted service provider throughout our community, supporting all people to achieve their dreams.

Our Values

  1. Heart "We have a heart for people and a heart for families."
  2. Creative "We do what no one else does."
  3. Commitment "We are committed to walking alongside you as you live your best life."
  4. Believe "We believe in you; we will always support your dreams."

Meet Our Team

Heather Wright

Heather Wright


Kim Randa

Office Manager

Alyssa Wentz

Administrative Assistant

Tara Price

Tara Price

Human Resources


Doreen Shoberg

Director of Finance

Ashley Hanhela

Ashley Hanhela

Designated Coordinator

Spencer Clough

Spencer Clough

Community Living & Employment Services Team Manager


Community Living & Employment Services Team Manager

John McLoughlin

Community Living & Employment Educational Director

Jill Evans

Jill Evans

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Development Professional

Justin Bonner

Residential Services Program Director ~ Pine Hill, Maple Grove, Chestnut House, Birch House

Travis Peterson

Residential Program Director: Cross Lake, Agate Place, Willow House, Evergreen Drive

Dixie LaFlair

Residential Services Program Director- North House

Cheri LaVoy

Cheri LaVoy

Residential Services Program Coordinator

Breanna Diedrigh

Residential Services Registered Nurse

Stacey Nordby

Housing Services Program Director

Tracy Jenny

Housing Services Specialist

Non Hendrickson

Office and Transportation Manager