Residential Services

NorthStar Community Services operates more than 16 locations in St. Louis, Carlton, and Pine County. These locations offer 24-hour services with a wide variety of service specialties including, behavioral health, spectrum-type disorders, and physical disabilities. NorthStar offers custom living settings to best meet the needs of the individual through many different service options.

A licensed residential setting that serves adults and children where the license holder does not reside. This setting typically uses a shift-staff model of support (i.e., paid staff work shifts on a 24-hour basis). In this type of setting, at least one person receives community residential services funded by an HCBS waiver program. 

These settings provide services within the individual’s home with a mixture of services 24 hours a day to best meet their needs. These services can include 24-Hour Emergency Assistance, In-HomeSupport services, and Night Supervision.

NorthStar has a licensed Children’s Out-of-Home Respite Program in Esko. This location includes a large indoor area for activities, a rural setting for safety, and highly trained staff. Individuals can come for customized scheduling options that can be a one-time service or ongoing respite services.

An individualized package of regularly scheduled, health-related, and supportive services provided to a person aged 55-65 years or older who resides in a qualified setting.