Northstar Community Services provides two separate housing programs.

Housing Stabilization Services:

This service is a new Minnesota Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities, including mental illness and substance abuse disorder, and seniors find and keep housing.

Our staff members provide assistance with:

  • Housing consultation services which includes determining eligibility for programs, developing person-centered based plans and assessment outcomes, coordination services, and assistance in understanding tenants rights to privacy and appeal information
  • Housing transition services which includes developing a housing transition plan, supporting the individual in applying for benefits, assisting in the application process, housing assessments, identify resources to help with home goods, moving expenses, and/or deposits, and ensuring the new living situation for the tenant is safe and ready to move in
  • Housing sustainability which includes house support, crisis intervention/management, education and training on roles, rights and responsibilities of tenants, assistance with housing recertification, ongoing support and advocacy for the client

Long Term Homeless Housing / Supportive Housing:

Supportive housing services are provided to prevent and end homelessness in Minnesota. It is a state funded income supplement program that pays for room and board for low-income adults with disabilities. There is also a service rate for eligible housing in certain situations.

Our staff members provide assistance with:

  • Moving people experiencing homelessness into affordable, permanent housing
  • Promote housing stability with support services necessary to improve wellbeing, such as employability, self sufficiency, and other positive social outcomes
  • Reduce the social costs associated with homelessness such as inappropriate use of emergency health care, shelter, chemical dependency, corrections, etc.