Everything available through NorthStar Community Services

Discovering what’s right for each unique individual

Residential Services

NorthStar Community Services operates over 15 locations in St. Louis, Carlton, and Pine County with 24-hour services and a wide variety of service specialties including, behavioral health, spectrum-type disorders, and physical disabilities. Our available Residential Services include:

  • Community Residential Services
  • Independent Living Settings
  • Children’s Out-of-Home Respite
  • Life Sharing (link to the Life Sharing page)

Employment Services

NorthStar Community Services supports individuals in workplace settings in a variety of ways, including 245D-waivered employment services. Our specific Employment Services that are available include:

  • Employment Exploration Services
  • Employment Development Services
  • Employment Support Services
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services (including Pre-ETS Services)

Housing Services

NorthStar currently offers a variety of housing services in St. Louis, Carlton, Lake, and Pine counties. Housing services work to assist individuals with finding and sustaining long-term housing options to live independently. Our Housing Services include:

  • Housing Stabilization Services
  • Transitional Services

Wellness Services

NorthStar offers a wide variety of services to assist individuals in achieving their
best possible lives. This service uses a multidisciplinary approach to best serve
individuals through all areas of their life for ultimate success. Wellness services include:

  • Children’s CTSS Services
  • Children’s Day Treatment
  • ARMHS Services
  • Positive Support Services
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavioral Health Home
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Life Skills Group