Wellness Services

NorthStar offers a wide arrange of Wellness Services to assist people with achieving their best possible lives. These services utilize a multidisciplinary approach to best serve individuals through all areas of their life for ultimate success.

NorthStar provides CTSS services within the community, at children’s homes, and in school-based settings. Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) are a set of mental health services developed to provide restorative rehabilitative interventions covered by Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) to children and their families.

NorthStar currently offers Day Treatment at a farm setting in Barnum, MN. This setting allows our treatment team to utilize animal-assisted therapy models to provide treatment. Children attending treatment will have the opportunities to learn through animals, in nature-based settings, and with customized treatment plans.
Children also get to experience education on agriculture and learn different basic life & employment skills through their therapy experience. NorthStar currently provides 2 sessions to focus on primary diagnoses of behavioral health and spectrum-type disorders in different sessions. Transportation to and from treatment is provided by NorthStar.

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) is a set of services that were
developed to bring restorative, recovery-oriented interventions directly to individuals who have the capacity to benefit from them, whether in their homes or elsewhere in the community.

Services consist of developing, implementing, and monitoring a person-centered, individually designed, proactive plan to address challenging behaviors. A waiver-positive support professional develops this plan to enhance a person’s quality of life through the process of teaching or increasing positive behavior. When possible, the person leads the process to develop a positive behavior support plan and/or positive support transition plan.

Psychotherapy means the treatment of a person with mental illness that applies the most appropriate psychological, psychiatric, psychosocial, or interpersonal method that conforms to prevailing community standards of professional practice to meet the mental health needs of the member. NorthStar primarily focuses on animal-assisted therapy models with adults, children, and families

The term “Behavioral Health Home” refers to a model of care and services focused on the integration of primary care, mental health services, and social services and supports for adults diagnosed with mental illness or children diagnosed with emotional disturbance. The Behavioral Health Home (BHH) Services model of care utilizes a multidisciplinary team to deliver person-centered services designed to support a person in coordinating care and services while reaching his or her health and wellness goals.

Occupational therapy means the use of a purposeful activity to maximize the independence and maintain the health of a person who is limited by a physical injury or illness, a cognitive impairment, a psychosocial dysfunction, a mental illness, a developmental or learning disability, or an adverse environmental condition. NorthStar primarily specializes in HIPPO Therapy and treating sensory disorders related to Spectrum-type disorders.

NorthStar currently provides medication management through a Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to provide consultation and assistance to individuals receiving other multidisciplinary services through NorthStar.

NorthStar currently provides weekly Life Skills Groups through Family Counseling and Training. These groups are designed with the purpose of assisting individuals with accessing the community while further developing social and communication skills while learning independent life skills such as budgeting, meal planning, self-advocacy, and education on community integration.